Electrical & electronics development

Electrical & electronics development

Our focus is on tailored solutions for our customers covering EDAG’s full Electrical & Electronics development portfolio. Our highly experienced and  leading edge team focuses on integration and interoperability of safe, secure and connected technology .

Vehicle Electrics & Electronics

All relevant EE topics, from vehicle benchmark, vehicle concept through to series development, i.e. EE architecture development, vehicle electrical system development, energy management and test/validation and the required FUSA (Functional Safety) evaluation and homologation.

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E-Drive & Energy Systems

From the design of the electrical propulsion system, feasibility studies and prototyping through to integration and commissioning, including all related testing and validation procedures. In the entire e-Mobility set-up process: converters and inverters, memory and transducers, control modules (VCU), electric motor, HV Battery and wiring system through to the charging infrastructure.

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Comfort & passive safety

Development of the traditional interior electronics for vehicles with a special focus on comfort and body electronics. We work on the development and integration of wiring and comfort control units and all aspects related to passive safety. We utilize our deep understanding of the valid standards in hardware and software development in the area of car interior and body electronics and a comprehensive technology portfolio for virtual and physical function assurance at the level of components, systems and vehicles, including test specification, creation of test scripts and test analysis.

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Autonomous driving & active safety

The platform for comprehensive vehicle automation: from sensor technology and environment integration through to the design of assistance and (highly) automated driving functions. In the design and manufacture of high-performance sensors and control systems as well as in the combination and integration of various onboard, Car2X and geolocalized online environment information. 

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Connectivity & user experience

The car of the future is the central element of the IoT and therefore always connected with its environment. From the connectivity architecture, the functional integration and the entire chain of validation of online services inside the vehicle through to the associated digital "ecosystem". With our comprehensive development expertise and a powerful testing infrastructure, we offer sophisticated data analysis and preparations as well as complex data security.

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Mobile services & apps

Big Data will completely change the automotive world. The aim of our work is to network drivers, vehicles and the environment, and therefore the digital transformation of the vehicle. All this is done along with the development and integration of software solutions and innovative products for the networked reality of tomorrow.

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Traffic jams in inner cities, consumers turning away from their own cars, and driving bans to protect the climate have a significant impact on personal mobility as well as traffic and urban planning. This is reflected in modern mobility concepts such as car sharing, ride sharing, car pooling and micro-mobility.

New, forward-thinking vehicle technologies like CASE (i.e. Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified) are entering the market almost simultaneously. With their partly disruptive character, they require new engineering skills. As an innovation-driven engineering service provider, we recommend ourselves as a sparring partner for our customers in the technology sector at an early point in time.

Business model innovations are becoming increasingly important alongside incremental innovations in the core business. We help our customers develop further and strengthen their competitiveness and help idea providers to position themselves.