Vehicle Development

Vehicle Development

EDAG offers expertise in vehicle development. In every detail – and for the entirety. We master the latest technologies and combine it with our vast international experience in automotive development. 

Package & Concepts, Body in White, Closures, Interior and Exterior development are examples of our competences. EDAG combines expert knowledge with the latest lightweight construction material technology trends. We offer the means for optimum implementation of your vehicle concepts, both technically and economically. With us, you have the support, advice and expertise in all phases of your project, from concept and planning to execution all the way to start of production. 

Package & concepts

The art of the package lies in arranging the components and modules in the vehicle. Logically arranged to ensure that geometrical and functional requirements are met. Today's vehicles have intelligent module structures that make it possible to provide the highest number of vehicle variants, with the least amount of complexity. 

Body in White

New materials, new steel and aluminums qualities, design amendments – in the course of time, a great many different challenges and technologies have had their effect on a vehicle's body in white. 

The aim is always the same: optimum product properties at minimum cost and weight. Our task is to ensure that no conflicting aims arise between these new requirements and quality standards. And, of course, bearing the subsequent production in mind. We call this production-optimized development.


Over the years, door, lid and gate systems have developed into highly complex modules. 
The aim is to meet not only the technical, but also the ergonomic and legal requirements of the module. 

To ensure that the design will not have to be altered at a later date, attention is paid to the joints and to assuring technical feasibility during the design validation phase. 


The customer's comfort plays a central role in the development of interior systems and components. The vehicle needs to feel right as soon as the customer gets into it for the first time. A feeling that is typical for that particular brand of car and clearly distinguishes it from other brands. At EDAG, we know what to do to ensure that the first, decisive impression is positive. 


What applies for the interior applies equally for the exterior: the outward appearance presented by a car must conform to the values typical of the brand. The same also applies to the development of the add-on parts. For spoilers, panels, windows, glass roof systems or complete modules, e.g. bumper systems, we are the engineering specialists for add-on parts. In addition, working within a network of OEMs, suppliers and tool makers, we also guarantee active and passive safety requirements, for instance for passenger and pedestrian protection.